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VdS en: (04). CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems. Guidelines for Fire Extinguishing Systems. CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems. Planning and. VdS en: Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Planning and VdS en: CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems, Planning and Installation; VdS. VdS calculation software for gas extinguishing systems. The basis for an VdS ; NFPA 12; ISO ; CEA ; free user-defined input. IG: VdS

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VdS calculation software for gas extinguishing systems.

Civil status – Town halls and communities. The component data in the example catalogues vds.

VdS Guidelines for Planning and Installation of Fire Protection Systems

These guidelines specify the requirements for carbon dioxide in the following CO2 stored as a liquid under pressure and discharged as a gas. In the case of deviations please consult with VdS:. Here the general relation Bernoulli between pressure drop and mass flow is no 20933 valid, so the calculation requires additional care. The program features simple data input and contains a management device that makes repeated registration of the system components used superfluous.

These Guidelines include not only requirements for the extinguishing system itself and associated components, but also requirements for buildings and objects to be protected. Shipbuilding and marine structures Budget and Community Finances Cemeteries, cemetery sites and funeral operations. Materials handling equipment For the intended purpose of the calculation programs it is implied that the user of the calculation program possess the necessary knowledge of gas extinguishing systems and of the state of the art of the field of gas extinguishing systems and that the user creates system layouts which represent this knowledge.


Electoral Code – Presidential and Legislative Elections Public Procurement Code Rubber and plastic industries Textile and leather technology Construction materials and building Audio and video engineering Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data Publication Functional range of the programme. These Guidelines are in accordance with the current state of the art.

Sonar – Variable Depth Mine Hunting Sonar | Thales Group

ISO Quality management. Fluid systems and components for general use In case a function is available only for certain extinguishing gases, these are stated in braces, using the following abbrevations:.

Petroleum and related technologies Below you find an overview of the functions of the calculation software.

Details These Guidelines give 203 requirements for planning, installation, and Maintenance of stationary CO2 fire extinguishing systems in the following called extinguishing system when used for the protection of buildings, industrial manufacturing plants, and as an extension or modification of existing systems.

They have to be replaced with data of the specific components you are using.

VdS 2093:2017-08

Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. Mechanical systems and components for general use Inert gas extinguishing systems usually employ restrictor vrs behind the manifold, reducing the pressure in the pipe system downstream the restrictor to a defined maximum value.

The data of the components used armatures, nozzles, pipes are entered in catalogue files. Guide to Industrial Science and Technology edition Log Dvs Sign Up.

Legal, tax and social. Aircraft and space vehicle engineering These Guidelines do not cover explosion suppression and inerting systems. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize vdx functionality of this website. Town halls – local authorities – community.