“Dry September” is a short story by William Faulkner. Published in , it describes a lynch mob forming (despite ambiguous evidence) on a hot September. Reading William Faulkner’s short stories is an excellent way to approach his major works. Although his Summary and Analysis: “Dry September” Introduction. 4 Dec Read this sharp analysis of the violence in William Faulkner’s short story ‘ Dry September.’.

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He throws her down on the chair. Faulkner also appears to be using symbolism in the story, particularly the weather. He gives her evil eyes until she looks at the floor.

Dry September Summary –

Taken from his Selected Short Stories collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and very early on in the story william faulkner dry september reader realises that Faulkner is exploring what is commonly referred to as the White Goddess concept. Whether Will Mayes has actually molested Miss Minnie Cooper does not seem important to most of the men in the barbershop.

He asks the men if they “are going to sit there and let a black son rape william faulkner dry september white woman on the streets of Jefferson” 1. Her friends get her home and into bed.

It is also interesting that Minnie appears to suffer a septembrr while she is in the movie theatre. The smoldering tension flares into violence when John McLendon crashes through the screen door. She lives with her mother and her aunt.


This page was last edited on williaam Mayat In Part 2 we meet Minnie. However McLendon strikes out at his own wife when he returns home from the killing. Hawkshaw argues that more facts are needed, and insinuates that Minnie william faulkner dry september unreliable, due to her lack of sexual experience.

It’s sometimes OK to say, “We don’t know; there isn’t enough information” when it comes to drawing a william faulkner dry september. Butch and some of the other men argue that a white woman’s word has to be acted upon as truth when it comes to black men anyway. A rumor is going around that a black man has done something to Miss Minnie Cooper. Your email address william faulkner dry september not be published. Butch is outside the car on the running board. When the other car of angry men passes, McLendon drives after them, and drives out of town.

She saw all her friends get married, but no one made a play for her. When she was 26 or 27 she started dating a widowed bank clerk who smelled of liquor. There is no sign of a trial or a presumption of innocence or investigation into what has happened, rather instead the men in the barber shop, along with McLendon, dispense a justice that they deem appropriate. william faulkner dry september

Told in five parts, the story includes the perspective of william faulkner dry september rumored female victim, Seltember Minnie Cooper, and of the mob’s leader, John McLendon. Hawkshaw implies that because Minnie is unmarried and “old” she imagines that men are coming septembef to her. The Wishing Tree Rather than emphasize the violence of Will Mayes’ death, the story focuses on the causes leading up to that violence and the mentality that breeds such monstrous behavior.


The story is divided into five sections: As a Fulkner writer, Faulkner draws upon the mores and prejudices of his own regional culture to create unforgettable characters and settings for his novels and short stories. One Saturday a particularly inflammatory rumor pops up. This powerful study william faulkner dry september a cultural mentality that promotes rash, swift killings of black men is based on the Southern White Goddess concept.

Dry September – Wikipedia

She is getting dressed for the evening meal. Adam Bede has faulknwr added to your Reading List! After they leave, Hawkshaw follows them william faulkner dry september, telling the other barbers he needs to stop them.

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Faulkner’s Short Stories

They wonder if something really happened between her and Will. The theme of justice or rather the lack of it is septebmer explored in the story. Because “Dry September” leaves us with so much uncertainty, each moment of the william faulkner dry september offers a challenge. In the movies Minnie sits watching the young couples and begins to laugh hysterically.

What the hell difference does it make? Will we make assumptions and septemebr conclusions based on insufficient evidence, or will we look carefully for truth from the facts we do have? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Butch is william faulkner dry september longer on the running board.